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Behind a Nondescript White Gate

A group of strangers came together, by chance, or because their stars aligned, and formed a society, a community, a collective of kindred spirits. And it shone, like the sun and others were pulled in by its gravity. Behind a nondescript white gate people collected and connected and for a time brick and stone became lives and memories formed.


Spanish Facebook Page Launched

We might be called 200 R ONE, or 200 nations are one world, but that does not mean we expect the world to speak with one voice, about one idea, or in only one language! We love the multitude of opinions and viewpoints, even if they clash. In fact, we embrace it, for culture is what makes the world beautiful. To that end today we are launching our Spanish site, opening up 200 R ONE to the Spanish speaking world and embracing the artists we find there!

To celebrate this day we’re launching our very first event song! In the background, while you weren’t looking, we’ve been collecting event songs, written by bands in the name of peace, unity, equality and 200 R ONE. The first song we’re releasing was written by Contra Cultura, who were also one of the first groups to jump aboard. Thanks for trusting in us, guys. And to everybody else, check out their music! It’s worth it!

As for the site, initially we’ll be translating the posts we’ve featured on our english site into Spanish, but ultimately it will stand on its own legs, introducing it’s own artists and pushing its own brand of 200 R ONE. Want to be a part of that wonderful adventure, whether as a staff or as an artist, or do you perhaps want to perform your own event song? Contact us and we’ll begin this new chapter and this new opportunity together!



Aghast in Achuapa

When 200 R ONE received its first official invitation to attend a festival in the backwaters of Nicaragua we didn’t know what to expect, but we certainly didn’t expect this.

In hindsight we should have noticed that the festival was going to be completely different from what we expected much earlier than we did. We could have figured it out when we asked the organizers if we could park our grafittied 200 R ONE car on the event grounds.


Roger Guevara Mena Joins the Team

So you thought we were just about promoting art? Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong. We’re about much more than that! And here, with the introduction of the heavy hitter Roger Guevara Mena, we’re giving you the first inkling of what else we’ve got planned!

He comes to us with a varied and long career, which includes a stint as the ambassador of Nicaragua to Argentina, the European Union, Belgium and the Netherlands; being the head of the Nicaraguan bar association, as well as more than 15 years as a professor of public and private international law in Nicaragua.

We’re immensely proud to have such an experienced, well-respected and internationally recognized individual join our team and we’re confident he’s going to leave his mark here at 200 R ONE. Want to know how? Watch this space!


Press Release August 2015

Berlin, Germany. The international music and art initiative 200 R ONE is breaking down barriers and opening the gates to the world, with creatives from across different cultures and countries working together to promote Unity, Equality and Peace. The organisation aims to find hidden gems of entertainment and art in the world’s corners and then promote them on an international stage, as well as offer them support through social initiatives, networking and other creative opportunities.

With the launching of our website we’ve begun introducing participating artists.
We’ve also started a drive to recruit new talent, which means that interested people can now register online and take part through art, music, photography, writing, film and more.