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Aghast in Achuapa

When 200 R ONE received its first official invitation to attend a festival in the backwaters of Nicaragua we didn’t know what to expect, but we certainly didn’t expect this.

In hindsight we should have noticed that the festival was going to be completely different from what we expected much earlier than we did. We could have figured it out when we asked the organizers if we could park our grafittied 200 R ONE car on the event grounds.


The Artsome Stamp

The Artsome Stamp is given to selected artists, institutions and advocates to celebrate their art, role in the community, contribution to society and art, work in promoting the ideals of peace, unity and equality, or for other reasons that are simply artsome. It is reserved for special occasions and very special artist (everybody is at least a bit special).

Every individual or group that has been given the stamp can display it on their website and have permission to state that they have 200 R ONE’s seal of approval. They will also be included in a list here, stating that they are, indeed, the recipient of said stamp. Be sure to check back often to know who is artsome.